SZ-14 Red Digital Camera

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Features Detail:

  • Dimension and Weight: 39.5 x 106.5 x 68.7 cm ; 218 g
  • Model: SZ-14
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Ultra 24x optical zoom, which is condensed in a compact and slim body
24x optical zoom, this compact size appeared.
Multi-motion movie shake correction, even high-quality high-definition movies.
 With magic filter to be fun to shoot.
■ Stylish 24 times
· 25mm * 1 wide-angle, 24x optical zoom lens that can be taken in a wide composition
-Shake, “DUAL IS” reduces the blur incurred by a moving subject
Macro close-up shots up to 40cm high performance at 600mm equivalent
■ & easy to clean Low
· * 2 “♪ iAUTO Omakase” best shot simply by pointing the camera
- “Beauty Mode” stick to the beaut

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